We Share Your Pics and Messages to Social Networks so You Don’t Have To…

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More Localization

We've just added Swedish. CORA now supports any and all available interface languages on your iPhone.

Batched Images Support

CORA now pushes batched images to platforms that support it: Facebook, Tumblr, and VKontakte.

Ad, Algorithm & Tracking Free

CORA is clean, simple, ad free and doesn't track you. No need for 'big data' with your small business.

Post to all the Networks

Instantly share to the major social networks. Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, VKontakte.
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How it works:
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Socially Distance Social Media

Secure feed

A single private feed of your digital social life stripped of all metadata to limit tracking by Big Tech.

Time managed

Don't waste your time looking at ads or getting distracted by suggested accounts.

Clean your network

We're careful with the kind of social networks CORA posts to. Sorry to see you go Google+ and Tumblr!

Localized and tested

We first validated CORA; putting it in the hands of real users all around the world.

Download CORA and Make Social Media Sane.

The simplest app for sharing

Setting up CORA is a breeze. Connect your favorite social networks on signup, or later when you first post. CORA pushes your pics and messages in just one step.

The fastest app for sharing

Our app is native to iOS and takes advantage of your wicked fast iPhone Whathaveyou. The app is lightweight, meaning you can download it on any cell network when you're on the go.

Customers on CORA

Definitely one of the most beautifully designed apps of the year.
Steven Alexander - Product Hunt
HECK YES!!! This is perfect! She’s beautiful!!!
Scott Campbell - Photographer
You mean...this is available now?!
Miguel McKelvey - WeWork Co-Founder, Possible Felon
Why spend $10/month when this is free?
Joel Fenelon - CEO, Harvest.jobs

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