Predicting Behavior:
The 5﹒Type Mental Model

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The Mental Models:

Type 1
"Please Me" vibe
• focuses on goals
• either agreeable or shocks to relate
• withholding
• over-prioritizes receiving respect
Type 2
"Be Perfect" vibe
• focuses on details
• either too laid back or too intense
• nerdy
• prefers following rules over the heart
Type 3
"Be Strong" vibe
• focuses on innovation
• either perpetually fearful or fearless
• compares
• puts up with poor work environments
Type 4
"Try Hard" vibe
• focuses on analysis
• either overly mature or immature
• turns small jobs into big projects
• bored with detail work
Type 5
"Hurry Up" vibe
• focuses on methods
• either has a clear vision or unfocused
• procrastinates
• in haste, makes mistakes

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